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Welcome to Library Data Manager's Online Catalog Demo

Library Data Manager is now distributed with a FREE online catalog that can be used on any Web site or Intranet.

The online catalog is easily managed and customized using the secure online ADMIN section. In this section, you will be able to change background colors, add your own company name, upload logos, and set the "Contact Librarian" e-mail address. The screen shot below shows you how easy it is to customize and maintain your online catalog. Simply enter your preferences in the boxes provided and click Save.

For technical data on installing and using the Web interface, please click here to view the Readme.txt file that is shipped with Library Data Manager.

To see for yourself how the online catalog works, select one of the search methods from the menu above or select to go to the Main Menu. We have entered the following six titles into the database. To truly see how well our online catalog works, you will want to use a variety of searches related to the titles below.